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With over 31 years of solar water heating experience, we have made our systems dramatically easier to install with SRCC OG-100 rated 19 to 38 pound collectors.

Our much lighter and easier to install system makes becoming a successful solar water heating dealer far easier. We have a free 800 help line for support with friendly personnel that will give you tips and help before and during installation. We are happy to share the news of the Federal Tax Rebate Extension.
Please visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency for additional state incentives.

SolarRoofs.com’s new catalog has 5 distinct water heating systems, as well as drainback space heating systems, air collectors and specialized high temperature pool collectors. All of our "Skyline" systems are now available in 3 component levels, Platinum, Gold, and Silver to give your customers the choices they prefer.

"Platinum" is the world’s most complete solar water heating system with virtually everything included while “Gold” comes with a 100% solder free solar loop and "Silver" being a base level which compares to most of the "just parts" systems available on the Internet or from other Distributors. You may also like the fact that our solar collectors are available in 26 custom colors.

Our 100% run by the sun PV pumped system 3 and 5 are SRCC OG300 rated and qualify for all state and federal rebates. The most popular of our systems are the open loop Skyline System 3: (20013) and the closed loop Skyline System 5: (20015) with 100% freeze protection.

The Skyline1 is a value priced 12 volt open loop system very popular in tropical climates, Skyline2 is a 110 volt version of our open loop systems with built in recirculation light freeze protection. The Skyline4 is our closed loop "catch all" category for all closed loop systems from residential external heat exchanger systems to space heating and commercial systems. Please see our catalog for details.

Give us a call and we will discuss your dealer opportunity. We now have an exclusive dealer website which will give you specific helpful information intended only for dealers.

On the Dealer Page you will find the Dealer Application and Policy, and product information. Download and fill out the appropriate Dealer Application and Policy (New or Experienced Dealer Applications are different) After you receive back your signed application by Email, Fax or mail, and we accept it, you may use any materials off of our site to market SolarRoofs.com products. We will assign you a dealer number, dealer wholesale discount, and give you leads generated from our web site. Our SolarRoofs.com website has additional information on solar water heating and the systems. http://www.solarroofs.com/

We look forward to working with you directly to help contribute to the success of your company.
We encourage and invite questions and comments from you any time.

Please feel free to contact us directly at 888-801-9060 or info@solarroofs.com.


Thank you,

Al C. Rich
President, SolarRoofs.com

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